Arenas, sand schools and gallops are expensive – careful and timely maintenance can make the difference between a long-lasting, brilliant riding surface, and a hard, dusty surface which can endanger both you and your horses.

In order to get the best return from your investment, regular maintenance must be carried out using the right tool for the job..


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Founded in 2010. We manufacture equipment designed for ease of use.

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The MG250 Arena Leveller is the perfect tool for levelling and grading all types of equestrian riding surface. Designed for ease of use and robust build, the MG250 will restore and maintain a top quality riding surface quickly and easily.


Arenas and gallops are becoming more sophisticated in their construction with synthetic materials being added to the surfaces to provide superior, stable riding surfaces.

The Chapman AH200 Arena Harrow is specifically designed to get the best return on your investment, eliminating hard spots, levelling the surface and improving drainage.