TGF300 Trailed Game Feeder

TGF350 Trailed Game Feeder

Product Description

The TGF300 Trailed Game Feeder features fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic adjustable speed spinner for easy feeding of pheasants and game birds.

Trailed Game Feeder saves time and effort
Able to carry around 300kg of feed the TGF350 replaces the tedious task of feeding out with bags. Electronic operation means feeding can be controlled from the cab, and fully sealed IP67 electrics operate in all weathers. The speed of the spinner can be controlled from the cab to allow a broad spread for cover crops, and a narrow spread for feeding along tracks and drives.
Adjustable spinner deflector plates can further reduce or tailor the spread width for feeding down one side of cover crops or into pens.
Robust Build
2mm & 5mm steel construction and fully welded joints make for a robust unit but without being too heavy. Hot dip galvanising keeps rust at bay even in the worst weather and mud.


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