TF350 Trailed Stock Feeder

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TF350 Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker is the perfect tool for feeding sheep, cattle and other livestock in a easy and effective manner, behind an ATV, UTV, 4×4.

– 300kg capacity spaced drop sheep / cattle feeder

-Electric operation and digital counter

– Fully galvanised, robust construction

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Product Description

The TF350 Trailed Stock Feeder (Sheep Snacker) features fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic operation with high-visibility digital counter ensure the right amount of feed is dispensed, exactly where you want it. Industry-leading ground clearance and a choice of wheel / tyre options to suit your requirements.TF350 Sheep Snacker Feeder saves you time and hassle
Don’t mess around with bagged feed and troughs, the TF350 Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker allows you to drop the right amount of feed in the right place each time. Drop size is variable from 0.5kg to 2kg (approx), and drop spacing is controlled by the forward speed of the ATV, UTV or Quad. The digital counter ensure you know exactly how much has been deposited, and allows you to focus on checking stock condition. Operable as either a count-up timer, from o drops upwards, or as a countdown counter, whereby the desired number of drops is set, and the machine will deposit exactly that amount of feed, simply and reliably each and every time. Simple design, quality construction, and galvanised finish for a long lasting, reliable machineElectronic Drive

The electronic drive system on the TF350 stock feeder has few moving parts, and only rotates when in operation, reducing wear and tear, and allowing towing over longer distances. All electronic components are IP67 rated, for use in the toughest conditions. Operation is simple even when wearing thick winter gloves, and the large , brightly backlit display is easy to read even in the worst conditions. The countdown function is ideal for reliably dropping exactly the right amount of feed and freeing the operator to focus solely on checking stock condition. The control unit when off consumes minimal power, so will not flatten batteries if hard-wired onto the towing vehicle.

The TF350 trialled sheep snackerby Chapman Machinery is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet lightweight enough for use in wet, wintery conditions. Steel, fully galvanised chassis and hopper are extremely heavy duty, yet light to tow. Steel will not fade, become brittle and crack as plastic hoppers can! Conventional drum-operated machines suffer from low ground clearance – the TF350 has a minimum 300mm ground clearance, and when combined with the steel ‘belly pan’ means the TF350 can go anywhere the towing vehicle can go.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought the trailed snacker to feed beef cattle, with the bigger wheels and 500kg capacity it’s great behind my utv, easy to use and very robust, highly recommended.

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TF350 Dimensions Drawing


TF350 –  320 Litre capacity galvanised steel hopper (approx 300kg feed), PVC tonneau cover, 22x11x18″ Flotation tyres, Mudguards & electronic control box as standard

Technical Specification


Standard: 320 litre (aprox. 300kg feed)

w/ Extension Sides: 550litre (approx 500kg Feed)

Weight 130kg (Unladen)

Ground Clearance

Standard: 300mm

w/ 25x13x9 Oversize Tyre Option: 350mm

Drops per minute 25

Drop size 0.25-2kg (min / max may be limited by feed type)

Supply Voltage 13.8V Nominal [10v / 18v (min / max)]

Operating Temperature -15/+50°C (min/max)

Incorrect Polarity Protection Yes

Overload Thermal Rest Time 30 seconds

Tyre Size 22x11x8″ or 25x13x9″ (optional)

TF350 Drop Size Adjusment & IndicatorTF350 Sheep Snacker Ground ClearanceTF350 Galvanised Steel MudguardsTF350 Trailed Feeder with Welded PVC Tonneau CoverTF350 Feeder Frame & AxlesTF350 Swivel Drawbar & Galvanised FrameTF350 Sheep Snacker Fender BarTF350 Stock Feeder Oversize TyresTF350 Sheep SnackerTF350 Trailed Snacker feeding CattleTF350 Snacker FeederTF350 Twin Axle OptionTF350 Livestock Feeder ATV - Twin Axle Option Pivot DetailTF350 FeedingTF350 FEEDINGIMG_20180918_155216IMG_20180918_155153IMG_20180918_155134IMG_20180918_155101

Oversize Tyres – 25x13x9″ Balloon Traction tyres in place of standard 22x11x8″ for improved grip on steep slopes, higher ground clearance and lower ground pressure. Other sizes are available to suit specific applications, please contact us or your nearest distributor for details

Extension Sides – Increases hopper capacity by 0.25m^3 (200kg) per extension. Bolt-on kit for direct fitment, utilising existing tonneau cover

Nudge Bar – Livestock fender bars wraps around front of machine and back to mudguards to keep livestock from becoming jammed between towing vehicle and feeder when feeding. Especially suited for feeding sheep.

Twin Axle – Twin beam axles in place of standard axles assemblies for smoother towing over rough terrain and reduced ground pressure. Note: This option requires removal of mudguards.

Additional Control Box – Additional control box to allow machine to be used behind an additional towing vehicle without swapping the control electrics over – ideal if the feeder is used behind multiple vehicles, eg. ATV and 4×4.

Suspension Axles and Road Tyres – Suspension axles and E-marked road tyres in place of standard off-highway tyres for use on public highways

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