RM150 Rotary Mower

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The RM Range of Rotary Paddock Toppers are the ideal machines for maintenance of fields and paddocks, as well as large gardens and parkland. Simple to use yet robust, the swinging tipped blades can rotate if an obstacle is encountered to prevent damage, whilst the three rotors make short work of topping weeds and grass.

– Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

Product Description

RM150 Rotary Paddock Topper Mower

The RM150 Rotary Paddock Topper, as part of the RM Series Rotary Paddock Toppers range is ideal for light to general duty topping of paddocks, fields and parkland. Featuring three swinging-tipped blades, and powered by robust and reliable Honda 13hp engines, they are a simple and easy to use machine. For heavier-duty cutting, our FM Series Flail Mowers are more appropriate, with either 1.2m or 1.5m cut widths.

The RM150 mower, like all the RM Series rotary toppers features triple cut blades – 3 cutting edges on three rotors rotating at 2500 RPM giving a clean cut and efficient cut.The triple cut blade system offers 50% more cutting capability than competiting machines, and as an added benefit tips are easily and cheaply replaced should they be damaged.
RM Series Rotor

The RM150 Rotary Mower comes comes fitted with a powerful 13hp GXV390 Honda engine, with the option of electric start. This reliable Honda unit is easy to start and cheap to run – we appreciate that this machines are used periodically and can spend half the time in the shed! As such we have specifically designed then to be easy to start and use for any operator.

4 reviews for RM150 Rotary Mower

  1. 4 out of 5


    A really well built substantial topper. It doesn’t stall, even under heavy loads, and looks likely to last indefinitely.
    We bought this because it is one of the few, or indeed maybe the only, topper that adjusts up to 10 inches to allow exact cutting of seed heads for horse pastures !
    The only problem is that the winding up handle bolt starts to bind on the fixed horizontal bar at about 8 inches – I simply removed the handle bolt and wound further, then replaced bolt – perhaps more leeway could be built in to future models to allow full height adjustment without having to remove the bolt :-)

  2. 5 out of 5


    I replaced a heavy difficult to adjust PTO driven topper with the RM150. I find it much easier to use, I tow it behind my T20 Fergy and it puts much less strain on the tractor. It seems well engineered and fairly straightforward to maintain.
    All in all very pleased with the machine.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Well constructed, thoughtfully designed and nicely balanced topper. Honda engine easy so start and much quieter the a B&S unit. Bigger tyres also makes it more compliant towing on Tarmac and easier for reversing. First cut went through some decent length grass, weeds and sedge, which the engine coped with easily. Highly recommended

  4. 3 out of 5


    RM150 Paddock mower bale to cope with everything from wet grass through weeds and even light areas or rushes reeds. Flotation tyres are fitted as standard to minimise ground compaction and ensure sooth travel over rough paddocks.

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RM150 Rotary Mower Dimensions


RM120 – 1.2m (4′) Cut Width, Honda GXV390 13hp Engine

RM150 – 1.5m (5′) Cut Width, 13hp Honda GXV390 engine

Technical Specification

Cutting Width 1.5m

Weight 200 kg

Cutting Height 25-200mm

Rotor RPM 2500rpm

Number of Blades 9

Engine Power 13hp Honda GXV390

Tyre Size 19x7x8″

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