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The RM120 Rotary Paddock Topper is the ideal machine for maintenance of fields and paddocks, as well as large gardens and parkland. Simple to use yet robust, the heavy duty cutting blades give a clean cut, specifically designed to allow for better ‘lift’ to cut thick or wet grass with ease. Proudly manufactured in the UK for the highest product quality and sales support.

– Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

Product Description

The RM120 Rotary Paddock Topper, as part of the RM Series Rotary Paddock Toppers range is ideal for light to general duty topping of paddocks, fields and parkland. Featuring three heavy duty cutting blades, and powered by robust and reliable Honda 13hp engines, they are a simple and easy to use machine. For heavier-duty cutting, our FM Series Flail Mowers are more appropriate, with either 1.2m or 1.5m cut widths.

The RM Range now feature three new improved, heavy duty cutting blades on three rotors rotating at 2500 RPM to give you the optimum cut along with improved performance. Specifically designed to allow for better ‘lift’ to cut thick or wet grass with ease.

The RM120 Rotary Mower comes fitted with a powerful 13hp GXV390 Honda engine, with the option of electric start. This reliable Honda unit is easy to start and cheap to run – we appreciate that this machines are used periodically and can spend half the time in the shed! As such we have specifically designed then to be easy to start and use for any operator.

2 reviews for RM120 Rotary Mower

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Just to let you know I have now finished the renovation of my second hand 2013 RM 120 Rotary Mower.
    Saw the mower for sale on the internet and took a gamble, need not have worried, Chapman were more than happy to assist with technical back up and parts.
    I think it fair to say that my mower had not had the best start in life, been used a few times, then left in a barn uncleaned for two years, then outside for about three or four weeks, she looked a bit sorry for herself, but I knew it was a Chapman !!
    The build quality, engineering design and factory backup made for an easy restoration.
    I stripped the machine down to its component parts, easy to do, then cleaned off the underside of the decking to remove some minor surface corrosion and gave it a couple of coats of paint, the rest was just basic maintenance, cleaning, greasing and changing the Honda engines oil
    I had looked at other toppers mainly the imported ones and concluded that I would sooner have a second hand British built one due to build quality, spares availability and parts backup.
    Definitely the right decision, this mower is built to last a lifetime of use if serviced and looked after properly, I would have saved up a while longer and purchased a new one if I had not been fortunate to have found this one second hand, and that is the problem, they are so good that folk just do not part with them.
    Many thanks to all at Chapman, great product, great service and back up…buy British its a no brainer !!!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Frank Nicol Farm and Garden Machinery Ltd, recommend this strong and robust Chapman RM120 Rotary Mower ideal machine for maintenance of fields and paddocks, as well as large gardens and parkland.

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RM120 Rotary Mower Dimensions Drawing


RM120 – 1.2m (4′) Cut Width, Honda GXV390 13hp Engine

RM150 – 1.5m (5′) Cut Width, 13hp Honda GXV390 engine

Technical Specification

Cutting Width 1.2m

Weight 170 kg

Cutting Height 25-200mm

Rotor RPM 2500rpm

Number of Blades 3

Engine Power 13hp Honda GXV390

Tyre Size 19x7x8″

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Electric Start – Electric start GXV390 engine in place of standard recoil start

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