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The FM Range of ATV Flail Mowers is the perfect tool for the removal of weeds, rushes & bracken; and the general maintenance of fields, paddocks and parkland. Also ideal for cutting game trails. Heavy duty construction and Honda engines for a long working life.

– Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

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The FM120 ATV Flail Mower, part of the FM Series Flail Mowers range by Chapman Machinery Ltd are designed from the outset to tackle tough mowing tasks including mowing on rough, wet & boggy ground where a heavier mounted unit could become stuck. Built to be exceptionally tough, yet have a low ground pressure for easy towing, the FM Series Flail Mower can go where other machines cannot. We use industry-leading 21hp Honda GX630 V-Twin Engines, which offer unparalleled power and performance. All machines are fitted with a heavy duty rear roller to prevent scalping. The compact design of the FM120 self-powered flail topper keeps the mass low to the ground for stability, and allows cutting easily beneath trees and overhanging branches.The FM120 ATV Flail, like all the mowers in the FM Series Flail Mower range are fitted as standard with a centrifugal clutch, allowing for safe & efficient operation from the towing machine. The centrifugal clutch gives automatic drive engagement and disengagement, and combined with the automatic tensioning assembly reduces maintenance by compensating for belt wear and belt loading. Heavy-duty ‘bx’ type drive belts last longer and are more efficient than smaller units used on competing machines.

7 reviews for FM120 Flail Mower

  1. 5 out of 5


    Awesome piece of kit!
    I used to have a low cost Chinese import to cut rough stuff in and around our farm and in the woods and, although a fair bit more expensive, a completely different experience!
    You do need a 4wd quad to pull it as it is quite heavy but with that I have cut through brambles 3-4 feet high as well as rushes, thick tufts etc. etc.
    Also fantastic service from Chris and the team as I managed to hit a largish rock with it and, as you can imagine, it did not like it very much but all was put back in working order very efficiently.
    Very well built and highly recommended.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I purchased my FM120 last year but it has been in full use this season and deals extremely well with my 3 different fields which are both flat and hilly at the same time. I would only buy a UK made machine as the Chinese alternatives just don’t have the grunt nor the build quality and I have not been disappointed. Yes it costs more but believe me it is money well spent. The purchase was an easy process and good to know you have the manufactures support should anything go wrong.. Unlikely in my view.. I run mine with the wheels at the back of the unit so I can get close to the edges . It makes it heavier and had to add a Jockey wheel to assist moving in and out of the garage but no big deal.Fantastic piece of kit and I would recommend this to anyone.. Thanks Chapman !!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I am based in Ireland and recently purchased the FM120 after many hours researching online and talking to people about the best flail mower for the quad. A lot of people that bought the brands manufactured in China / assembled in Eastern Europe were very disappointed with the product they ended up with and would not recommend them so eventually I came across Chapman Machinery and burned the ear off James with questions ( he graciously answered all questions put to him!) I decided to take the plunge and invest in the FM120. The machine came through the distributor here in Ireland who put the machine through its paces before sending it down to me. I can’t fault the machine for build quality and strength – it powered through the highest of rushes and left the paddock spotless. When coming over a big clump of rush all you have to do is slow down and give it a chance and it mulches right through it. I have also used it around the orchard where I normally would have had to use a strimmer and it left it like lawn. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone and the extra money spent compared with the other brands is more than worth it for a quality machine.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Well the wait is over the flail mower arrived in NZ on the 14th as you predicted, and I took possession of it on the 17th and put it together no problem.
    It started first turn of the key and cut perfectly for a hour and a half , I then checked it over, nuts etc and adjusted the belts next day ran it for 1/2 a day.
    This machine is a credit to your company and everyone who works there, the high quality, workmanship, and finish of the unit, and your professionalism throughout my purchase
    has made the whole transaction a dream so thanks to you and your entire team .
    Also the mower does everything you said it could and more which is unusual down this neck of the woods.
    from a very satisfied customer cheers.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Excellent flail mower. Well built, good powerful Honda engine, easy to use and had no trouble going through 4-5ft deep weeds/nettles and grass.. Pleased and would recommend.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Fanstastic machine. I use the flail to cut horse paddocks and the local rugby club pitch both situations it does a fanstastic job. Great service back up from Chapman. Great to support a British manufacture.
    NW Services
    Paddock maintenance contractor

  7. 5 out of 5


    Have bought the FM 120 with hammer flails……..Just amazing bit of kit !!! Built like a tank, very easy to use, best engine in the business ( Honda), very powerful, surprisingly quiet and just chews through, bracken, thistles, reeds, brambles, hogweed you name it . Very pleased with the purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend over any other machine or make . Thank you Chapman !!!

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FM120 Flail Mower Dimensions Drawing

Technical Specification

Cutting Width 1.25m

Weight 290 kg

Cutting Height 25-185mm

Rotor RPM 2400rpm

Deck Steel Thickness 5mm cover, 8mm side plates

Number of Blades 44

Engine Power 21hp Honda GX630 V Twin w/ Electric start

Tyre Size 22x11x8″

Fuel Tank Capacity 10 Litre

Belt Size 2 x BX41 Cogged Belts w/ automatic tensioning system

Rotor Balancing G6.3 Dynamic balanced

FM Series Flail Mower - Centrifugal ClutchFM Series Drive SystemFM120 Working in wet conditionsFM120 Flail Mower Standard FlailsFM Flail Mower with Optional Cutter BarFM150 Flail Mower With Engine Centre Mount OptionFM150 Flail Mower with Twin Axle OptionFM120 Flail Mower Cutting ragwortFM120 FLAIL MOWER CUTTING REEDSFM120 Cutting RagwortFM120 Towed with Suffolk punch horsesFM120 Towed with Suffolk punch horsesFM120 Towed with Suffolk punch horsesFlail mower FM150 Ragwort 2FM120 Trailing Wheels cutting thick vegetationFM150 Cutting thick vegetationP1000394Apex imaging-3025 - Copy - CopyApex imaging-3029 - Copy

Front Break Bar – Tubular fender bar to protect wheels and feed tall material (eg. bracken, reeds) into the mower smoothly

Cutter Bar – Fixed cutter bar within the deck to increase mulching and reduce chop size, for faster cut material de-composition.

Twin Bogie Axle – Replaces standard axle assembly with rocking beam axle with two wheels (per side), for smoother travel over rough terrain. Can only be used with the wheels to the side, cannot be used with wheels trailing.

Engine Centre Mount – Engine is centrally mounted on the deck to provide 50/50 weight distribution for improved safety on steep terrain.

Forged Hammer Flails – Fitted in place of standard steel blades, the forged hammer flails are considerably heavier, harder and give a better finish when cutting tough material eg. reeds, bracken. Higher rotational mass improves mower performance when encountering heavy clumps of material.

Auto Idle – Standard cable operated throttle is replaced with electronic actuator and switch, which enables change from idle to full engine RPM at the flick of a switch. Ideal for cutting alternate areas as required (eg. cutting fire-breaks on moorland)

FM Series Flail Mower SpecificationsFile Size: 52kbType: pdf

FM Series ManualFile Size: 941kbType: pdf

Product BrochureFile Size: 21mbType: pdf

FM120 Standard Axle parts drawingFile Size: 793kbType: pdf

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