May 21 2015
W240 Weed Wiper

New Product Launch – W240 Weed Wiper

The W240 Weed Wiper has just been launched to broaded our range of attachments into the agricultural market. The W240 draws on our wealth of experience in developing robust, British Built machinery for use on farms and estates throughout the Uk and Europe. Built with a revolutionary electric drive, this offeres the advantage of a constant roller rotation speed, and also significantly reduces the occurance of dripping and associated overkill.

Built with a robust frame, and featuring a 190mm diameter carpet roller with electric drive, the W240 is a versatile and easy to se attachment. Standard equipment is a 55l mounted tank and integrated pump, hypro sprayer nozzles and fittings, narrow 19x7x8″ flotation tyres to eliminate wheel herbicide transfer and a simple 2-button control box for ease of use and serviceability. W240 Weed Wiper page here.